V-Log: Trump Lost The Debate, But Could Still Win

by Shelton Bumgarner

It definitely looks as thought Trump could still win, despite losing the first debate. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

A Trump Themed Spotify Playlist. Enjoy! #NeverTrump

by Shelton Bumgarner

This is what it is. There are worst ways to spend two hours than to listen to this in the background.

We Have To Stop ‘Falloning’ #NeverTrump

sheltonProfileby Shelton Bumgarner

To Fallon: The act of humanizing a politically toxic individual by not taking him seriously.

We have to stop Falloning Donald Trump. We have to look upon him as a serious candidate for the highest office in the land and act accordingly. For too long, we have played into his narrative by giving him an obscene amount of attention for every horrible thing he has said.

By not taking Trump at face value but rather seeing him as some sort of joke, we not only humanize him, we deny that he may, in fact, win this one. He may win through sheer force of will, if nothing else. He taps into something dark in the American psych. If we don’t start to think seriously about him as a potential president, we will tacitly allow him to get away with saying and doing things that we would never allow any other candidate to get away with.

So instead of playing with his hair, or joking about this or that thing he has done or said, we need to stop full stop and look at him with a cold, realistic eye.

If we don’t engage in the political process, if we don’t accept how much of an aberration Trump is — and how powerful his message is to the “basket of deplorables” — we may very well wake up the day after Election Day with the macro equivalent of a horse head in our bed.

A Trump win would be such a dramatic counter-revolution that progressives and center-Left people might be in a state of shock for a little while. But it won’t last. After the shock wears off, I believe, I hope, I pray, that just as Trump has caused something dark to awaken in America’s soul that the reaction against a Trump Administration would be three fold in its power.

If we accept Trump as a serious candidate, we have to be frank with ourselves. The similarities between Trump and Adolf Hitler are more than just passing. And remember, Hitler in 1933 was seen as a buffoon, as joke, as someone who could be controlled because he was not to be taken seriously.

And we all know how that worked out.

The Callow MSM Press, The Trump Tipping Point & David Letterman Maybe Saving Us

sheltonProfileBy Shelton Bumgarner

Editor’s Note: If you’re a Trump supporter and you read this and get all excited — fuck you.

Today’s event held by Donald J. Trump was such a masterful stroke of political theatre that it makes me wonder how much the hand of disgraced FOX News head Roger Ailes was involved. A lot has been said and written about how the event was nothing more than an infomercial for Trump’s new D.C. hotel.

That totally misses the point.

The point of what happened was not to sell his hotel, though that was an obvious side benefit. The point of what we saw today was an astonishingly effective attempt to show that Trump does, in fact, have support among “normal” people. Among people like former military brass.

So, in a sense, we may look back at today as the Trump tipping point. The moment of no return. When Trump went from a crazed madman that no normal person could vote for to a legitimate candidate for the presidency. Think about that for a moment. Trump has figured out how to play the callow MSM press so well that he does a mic drop on an issue, leaving them in a state of shock and awe in his wake.

The press now is busy eating its tale over Trump’s renouncement of birtherism, but he’s long gone. He’s on to pounding Clinton over her “basket of deporables” statement, or spreading more lies about this or that thing.

I must reiterate something I have written before — all signs point to a Trump victory in November, in large part because the press has been so callow, so obsessed with the false narrative of a false equivalency between Trump and Clinton that they have done us all a grave disservice.

A lot of people seem to think that the debates will somehow magically fix the Trump problem and we can all go back to being complacent about a Clinton win. I just don’t see that happening. Trump is the candidate we deserve. He is a Twitter troll who is entertaining and power hungry and he is likely to barrel over Clinton in the debates through sheer force of will. She won’t stand a chance. The crazed neo-fascist Pepe the Frog loving altright hordes will be in rapturous joy as their Dear Leader throws all his red-meat greatest hits at her. She will act like a normal pol, while he will act like the performer that he is.

This brings up an interesting idea. If it really does grow obvious that Trump is going to win, will we see the bolts finally, finally begin to pop off the MSM and see a few major anchors pull a Howard Beal from Network on us. Will we see a MSM talking head totally flip out at the lies and factless rhetoric on the part of Trump and plead with the American public to do the right thing?

While it’s possible this will happen, I fear it may happen a few hundred days into a Trump Administration.

The saving grace of all of this is while running for president is fun and exciting, actually _being_ president sucks. Trump has the makings of the single worst president in modern American history, perhaps of all time. Really, the only reason he wouldn’t be the worst ever is it’s unlikely he would allow states to leave the Union like President John Buchanan did. But Trump has the potential to combine the worst aspects of U.S. Grant, George W. Bush, Richard Nixon and Andrew Jackson. And the fact that I am actually comparing a reality TV star to presidents like that, is telling in the extreme.

Or put another way — once Trump becomes president, the altright is going to have to own it. It is very well possible that a Trump administration will be such an epic clusterfuck that he will not only destroy his administration, he will completely destroy the Republican Party along the way as well.

The key reason this is so is no Vichy Republican House would impeach Trump for anything, no matter how bad. The nation will be stuck with Trump or at least two years because of that and the damage he can wrought is so staggering, so mindblowing that he may, if nothing else, force the hand of fate.

Trump, if you want to take a positive spin on an extremely painful episode in American history, could single handedly at least for a few years usher in a Progressive renaissance in his wake. I make no promises — there are none in history, sometimes the good guys don’t win — but I’d like to think that after the afterglow of Trump’s victory wares off for the altright, even they may realize the horrific mistake that has been made when Trump simply is unable to handle the office of the presidency.

Some pretty basic American democratic institutions have failed us when it comes to the rise of Trump. Trump’s America is a dark, scary place where anyone who isn’t an angry white male is considered the “other” who is suspect and the object of ridicule. That is not my America. That isn’t even Ronald Reagan’s America.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Clinton, a historically weak candidate, can somehow manage to pull this off. But we have to start thinking ahead to what will happen when we have a deranged reality TV star holding the keys to the kingdom. Someone, somewhere with some actual credibility, a voice that people will listen to, needs to take a stand.

Since we don’t have Edward R. Murrow around anymore, the only person I can imagine who might, just might be able to give us the seminal event that might stop the Trump Train in its tracks is David Letterman. Yes Jon Stewart might be able to do it. He can rant with the best of them. But David Letterman is held is such high esteem that if he went on TV and gave a solemn address to the nation he might be able to tip the balance in a tight race.

Or not.

May God have mercy on our souls.

Panic. Trump Will Win. What To Do Once He Does

sheltonProfileby Shelton Bumgarner

As of the middle of September 2016 I am calling the election for Donald Trump. You can give me all the rational explanations how this election is just like 2012, but I’m not buying. This campaign is unlike any I’ve ever experience or read about in America history. When I say Trump will win, I am saying I have run the scenario in my head and the most likely one is a Trump victory. Here are the reasons.

1. The callow press and Vichy Republicans
These two major democratic institutions have failed us in an epic manner. The press is so busy running around talking about Trump, that they are completely missing the point. A few people, like Keith Overman are beginning to articulate a cold, caculated case against Trump.

But I believe it is too late. He is preaching to the choir (me and people like me) and, really, all of this is about undecided voters in the crucial swing, or “purple” states. Given the cacophony of Trump related information and the false narrative and false equivalency the press is so obsessed with it is possible Trump will win through sheer force of will. The press may be liberal, but none of them seem willing to take a stand now when it matters. Add to this the normalization of hatemongering and fear on the part of Trump and you have the makings of a Brexit-sized shock.

Additionally, this does not even begin to address the issue of the Vichy Republicans. Not one major Republican with any clout has been willing to give America that “Have you no sense of decency” moment that is so badly needed. The Vichy Republicans are complicit in any Trump victory and should he win they will be complicit in hateful, dark era in American history that will surely follow.

2. Young people are falling into the Brexit trap
From what I’ve been able to gather from polls, a big percent, I think it’s about 30%, of youth voters want to vote for a 3rd party as some form of protest. They believe Clinton is a shoe in, and as such they believe they can safely vote for a 3rd party with no effect.

In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that when the post mortem is done of a Trump victory, this strategic macro misjudgement will be the thing that most people in the media will blame. We’ll see any number of interviews with groups of young people who will be in a daze that their vote did, in fact, matter.

3. The “basket of deplorables”
It is indicative of the double standards the press has between Clinton and Trump that he can insult large swaths of normal Americans, but if Clinton points out the obvious she loses votes. The number of otherwise non-deplorable Americans who now seem to think it’s cool to proudly affirm their affiliation with individuals who, are, in fact deplorable is apparently so large that everyone has missed the point of Clinton’s comment.

So there is a risk that low-information voters won’t even know the context of her comment. They will just assume she was talking about them because they were thinking about voting for Trump and that will be the thing that pushes them over the edge. People are so angry and wrapped up in their hatred of Clinton that they totally miss what she was trying to say. This is another aspect of this election cycle that leads me to believe Trump will win.

4. Clinton’s weakness as a candidate.
Clinton is a weak, weak candidate. She has failed to connect with voters and Trump has monopolized the conversation to such an extent that he has sucked out all the air. So, she can spend all the money she wants, Trump is a reality TV star and so he knows how to work the crowd. Think of him as kinda of a negative Bill Clinton. If Bill Clinton was our first “black gay woman president,” Trump is the last gasp of how a large portion of America perceives itself. Trump takes traditional notions of what it means to be American and inverts them. He flips the script, as they say, dividing us into our individual groups. Instead of being inclusive and progressive, he is divisive and reactionary.

So, having explained why I thin Trump will win, let’s discuss what to do to in Trump’s America. The first step is maybe have some sort of ritual cleansing exercise. Maybe call up old friends and get throw up drunk. Get high for the first time. Do something, anything, to take your mind off of this epic disaster for a few days.

Once that’s done, we all need to take a deep breath and prioritize. As in any disaster situation, you have to do some triage. The first issue is how much damage, in real terms, can a deranged short fingered vulgarian do on his own? I have see a few places already where people have begun to contemplate how powerful the Constitution’s “checks and balances” will be in mitigating and controlling Trump in office.

Sad to say, the presidency has accrued enormous power in the modern world, to such an extent that with the not-so-tacit approval of the Vichy Republicans, Trump will be able to run roughshod over a lot of established American ideals. His election will be the greatest counter-revolution since the Civil War. The most frightening thing is the last major conservative revolution, the Reagan Revolution of 1980-81, was at its core a positive one. Jimmy Carter had symbolized a nadir in American power both at home and abroad and Reagan make America feel pride again. And yet he did not frame it in scary, race baiting terms. Reagan promised it would be “morning again” in America. He believed in America exceptionalism, with America being a shiny “city on the hill.”

Trump’s vision for America, in contrast, is a dark, scary place, fit for Greek hades. I have quipped more than once that Trump’s America is like the dark alternative universe in Back To The Future 2. You know the one, the one where Marty McFly’s antagonist uses his knowledge of sporting events to accrue vast wealth. Or, to put in a more quaint fashion, Trump’s America is Pottersville from It’s A Wonderful Life. But unfortunately, this will not be fiction but a reality that we wake up to every day.

It is highly unlikely that any Vichy Republican House would impeach Trump, no matter how heinous his breach of traditional American values. So, we’re stuck with him for at least two years. It doesn’t take too much to imagine Trump acquiescing to a huge land grab on the part of Russia which, in turn, might make North Korea emboldened. America would then face two regional wars with a commander-in-chief who was a Russian stooge or patsy at best and a quisling at worst.

So this brings up the issue of what can right minded citizens, people who believe in traditional American values of inclusiveness and freedom do in this situation. At this point, my only suggestion is to become engaged. The Trump fever dream may, or may not break after a few months of disastrous administration on his part. Not to compare Trump to Hitler, but I must note that Hitler was popular with most Germans for much of his rule. So, if Trump can tap into some sort of black void in the American psyche, there are no assurances Trump will be anywhere near as unpopular as my impeachment scenario might suggest.

The book that all of us need to study is Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America. In the book, we are shown an alternative universe where Charles Lindbergh won the 1940 election and the America Firsters’ agenda of appeasement of the Nazis was enacted. While the book is obviously fantastical, I believe we can glean some important lessons about how a president sets the tone of his or her era.

I must note, however, that the law of unintended consquences may cause things to break against Trump and his followers. One possible scenario has many center-Left celebrities running — and winning — after the initial shock and awe of a Trump victory wears off. My wish is that someone like Jon Stewart would run for office. Only someone like Jon Stewart might be able to articulate what many people were thinking as it grows ever more apparent that the American electorate had made the worst decision since at least Prohibition.

The path of history may bend towards justice, but it also does not go in a straight line. Should Trump win, America is in for a chaotic period. But I would like to think that ultimately the Trump fever dream will break and things will snap back to normal.

In the meantime, we’re in for interesting times.

V-Log: A Darkness At Noon — Dealing With A Possible Trump Victory

sheltonProfileby Shelton Bumgarner

The time for games is over. Trump could very well win this one and we have to start thinking about what happens next. We have to address some fundamental issues that can no longer be ignored.

V-Log: Ironic Clinton May Lose For An UnPC Comment #BucketOfDeplorables

sheltonProfileby Shelton Bumgarner

If this is Hillary Clinton’s “43 percent” moment, it is very ironic. And if Donald Trumps, may God have mercy on our souls. But Trump seems close to winning through sheer force of will. And if he does win, we have him for at least two years, given that no Republican House would impeach him. For anything.