My Vision For An AmeriMaidan National Front To Combat Trump’s Agenda

by Shelton Bumgarner

The time for hysterics is over. The time for action is now. The time is now for right minding patriots to unite and put aside name calling. Now that Donald Trump is nearly president, we have to finally accept that this is real. That this is really happening.

The only way to defeat Trump and his agenda is unite. We need specific goals. We need to organize on a grass roots level. We need to also need to be prepared to swallow our pride and reach across the political divide to try make the defeat of Trump a populist national cause.

We need a National Front. I like the name AmeriMaidan, so if I was naming it, I would call it the AmeriMaidan National Front. The point of it would be to unite the various groups opposed to Trump in an effective political manner. Something with an agreed upon core set of goals.

First and foremost, our goal should be to flip the House and Senate in 2018. Once that happens, we can start to talk about impeaching and convicting Trump. I believe Trump the next two years is going to do serious damage to the Republic and we have to organize on a grass roots level to be ready for the 2018 mid-terms.

I have reached the point where I think the Vichy Republicans in the House and Senate could watch Trump strangle someone in person on the Senate floor and they wouldn’t blink and eye. I mean, the man is under suspicious for being a traitor and all they do is normalize and rationalize his behavior.

My historical precedent is the Radical Republicans of the late 1860s. I think if there could be Radical Democrats that could be voted into power in 2018, that would be the first step towards righting the wrong that was the 2016 election. So, we need to organize. And as part of that, there needs to be a formalized ideology that the opposition to Trump can revolve around and believe in.

Once the ideology is articulated, then we can use it as a rhetorical bludgeon against the forces of darkness that are those who support Trump for whatever reason. With a concrete ideology that can be articulated, then we can finally unite the nation in one goal: obstructing the Trump agenda and getting rid of the traitor altogether once we have the political power.

Just off the top of my head, I think at the core of that ideology is the recognition that Trump is a quisling who does not have the best interests of the the American Republic at heart. Additionally, though the nation is very divide, if we can somehow find some sort of common ground with those few Republicans who haven’t been co-oped by Trump, then maybe we could get the votes to impeach Trump in 2019 even if we don’t flip the Congress.

Anyway, this struggle has just begun. We have to fight this. We have to win.