It Is Always Darkest Before The Dawn — Be The Power #Resist

by Shelton Bumgarner

Something telling happened recently. Someone I know through Facebook posted a picture of her preparation for the Woman’s March. I said “fight the power.” She responded, “be the power.”

That is the crux of where we are right now as a nation. We have to stop bickering between ourselves about why this has happened. We have to stop playing the blame game. We have to be the power. We have to, on a personal level, do what the Founding Fathers would expect of us at this time.

It’s growing every more apparent that the new President of the United States does not have the best interests of this nation at heart. He is going to be in violation of the emoluments clause from the moment he becomes president and that, in itself, is enough for him to be impeached.

So, we need to realize the gravity of this situation. We need to unite. We’re America, not Russia. I have hope that we won’t become a “managed democracy” like Russia. The idea that Trump would want us to become one like Russia makes my blood boil. This can not stand. This will not stand.

My hope is that given how different the American spirit is from Russia, that populist resistance leaders will gradually bubble up to the surface. It make take a little while. But the only thing that gives me hope is that it will happen.

We’re in an unprecedented crisis. We have to unite. We have to, on a personal level, do what all the other democratic institutions we thought we could rely upon failed to do — stop Trump.