‘Badlands National Park’ — Lyrics To A Pop-Rock Anti-Trump Protest Song

The music to this would be like The Talking Heads’ Life During Wartime. At least, that’s the song I’m listening to as I write these lyrics. I just feel like writing lyrics. These may suck, but whatever. It is cathartic to write them. If I could find a co-writer I would make this longer and better. But, this is more a first draft, a sketched out concept than anything else.

lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give credit if you produce or perform

they tell us the world’s not getting hot
think they can tell us to shut up without a shot
but we’re here and we’re ready to go
we’re going to tell the truth
like it or not, like it or not
there’s nothing that will stop us
nothing to keep us down
we won’t listen to you one bit
’cause we’re stick of your shit

Badlands National Park
we’re woke
Badlands National Park
watch us tweet the truth

we’re free and we’re going to keep it that way
the echo of the past is growing loud fast
America beat tyrants repeatedly
and soon enough you’ll flee
we’ll march to Trump tower if need to be
take the elevator to the 24 floor
and you’ll hear us roar as we ascend
there’s no going back now
we’re all woke
we’re telling the truth
everyone knows the score

watch us bring you down
one tweet at a time
we’ve got the force of history
at our backs
we’re going to strike
when you least expect it
our ideas are fact based and true
you’ve just got lies
nothing will hold us down
we’re going to break free of your lies
we know the sky is blue
what else can we do

Badlands National Park
we’re woke
Badlands National Park
watch us tweet the truth

you’ve got to do your part
now is the start
of something beautiful
we won’t be held down
by some dumbass clown

be the power
be the change
make things right
end this fright
’cause we have nothing to fear
we’re going to protect what we hold dear