We Have To Stand Up As American Patriots #Resistance #Resist #RVA

by Shelton Bumgarner

I went to a meeting of a radical organization here in Richmond, Va and left the event rather disheartened. They kept talking about tearing things down and blowing shit up and I just want to work peacefully within the existing power structure.

More importantly, they totally dismissed my idea that if we’re going to defeat Trump, we have to appeal to people of all stripes. We have to appeal to something more basic than Left or Right. We have to appeal to people’s sense of patriotism. We have to unite together in a national popular front. I want to call it AmeriMaidan, but for some people that’s a really controversial allusion.

Anyway, I am really interested in organizing against Trump in Richmond, but I usually can’t get anyone to listen to me. Though, when I do, cool stuff happens. I have a wide-range of ideas as to what any group that might come into existance could do, but no one listens to me and so I a frustrated.