Why It May Be Crucial For Celebrity Comedian To Run Against Trump #Resist

by Shelton Bumgarner

We are in a crisis. Donald Trump is a walking Constitutional Crisis. He is a middle school bully who is bending the Constitution to a breaking point by breaking democratic norms and bullying anyone who disagrees with him. At this point, I note that if you remember back to your middle school days, there was one person in class who could successfully stand up to the middle school bully — the middle school class clown.

So, I suggest that if we’re looking for new leadership to go successfully against Trump and his agenda, it’s a celebrity comedian. There are several I can think of who could do the job quite well. Al Franken is the one who is in the best position to do as I suggest because, well, he’s an actual senator right now. He is funny and progressive enough that he could probably stand up to Trump in an effective manner.

But given the crisis we’re in, the person I really want to run for office is Jon Stewart. He is the one person I can think of who has the comic genius to attack Trump in an effective manner. But he seems to have no interest in doing anything other than having a petting zoo. But if things grow as dire as I fear they may, it is possible that Stewart may feel forced to do something, anything, political to stop Trump.

If he wasn’t so old and weird, I would also suggest David Letterman. But, alas, he’s very much retired and doesn’t seem interested in anything other than growing a weird beard.

Another person who might be effective is Stephen Colbert. He might, just might, be willing to run for something. It seem as though Trump isn’t going anywhere for a long time and there is plenty of opportunity for once unthinkable things to happen in a big way.

Regardless, we live in unprecedented times. Either Trump is going to stir the populace up so much that there is a wave of Democrats in 2018, or we’re stuck with him for a very, very, very long time.