‘The Ballad Of Sally Yates’ — Lyrics To A Jaunty Pop-Rock Anti-Trump Protest Song

Again, I am just screwing around. No one gives a crap about any of these lyrics, but I feel like telling stories in verse, so you get this.

The Ballad of Sally Yates
lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give credit if you produce or perform

she tells the truth
block the forces of evil
but what happens to her
but she loses her job, oh yeah
so what can she do
she tells it like it is
does her thing
now she’s a martyr for cause
just you wait and see

now we’re all ready
ready to see
what happens next
she try to warn us about Gen. Flynn
tried to warn Trump she did
but what happen I ask you
what happened indeed
she was ignored
now we’ve got trouble on our hands

Sally Yates is the woman for us
she’ll help us out in our time of need
Sally Yates is the woman for us
she’ll bring evil to heel

what happens next
I just don’t know
but we’ll see I guess
maybe she’ll find herself a senator
or better yet a president

but that’s the future
that is indeed
we’re just getting started
Sally Yates is our hero
she’ll lead the way
to victory