V-Log –The Vision Thing: How To Save Playboy

by Shelton Bumgarner

I am not saying I’m any sort of suuperfan of Playboy, but, much like Gawker, I have an emotional attachment to the brand. So, in the below video, I in a somewhat rambling manner, lay out my vision for how to save Playboy. What I would do is change the very nature of what Playboy is.

I would change the type of woman Playboy readers aspire to date. Instead of arm and eye candy, I would tell readers that their ideal woman was someone like Ilana Glazer of Broad City. That would really change things up. That would shake Playboy to its core and generate a huge amount of buzz for the publication.

Right now, Playboy has squat in buzz and doing something drastic would probably be the only way to save it. I suggest that Playboy cut its connection to LA and become a New York City brand. That is one way to generate a lot of buzz and it would really shake things up if it did so.

The below video is really long and rambling, but worth it.