A Surreal Winter 2018 Scenario #Trump #Resist

by Shelton Bumgarner

I love to run scenarios and so I have sketched out a pretty surreal one in my head about what might happen should the worst occur and there is proof that Trump did, in fact, knowingly collude with the Russians to rig the 2016 election.

So, imagine its late 2018 and the Republicans have lost an enormous number of seats in both the House and Senate. Enough that it’s pretty obvious that Trump is going to be impeached, because, well, Trump will never resign. A few months exist between election day and when the new Congress is sworn in, so there is plenty of time for the Republicans to do all sorts of mischief.

I am think, specifically, of them impeaching Trump themselves so they will have the right to pick who will replace Mike Pence as Veep. Given how surreal they are in their partisanship, it doesn’t take too much to assume that if Trump’s approval ratings dip below, say, 20%, that they will suddenly find the backbone they have not had all this time.

It will help, of course, that they would, on a strategic level, get to pick Pence’s Veep. They might go to Trump and beg that he resign, but he doesn’t give a shit about the Republican Party and I just don’t see him doing it. His personality is such that he would have to actually be convicted by the Senate before he would leave office.

And that doesn’t even begin to address the idea that he might, well, pardon himself and everyone involved in an effort to save himself. I am assuming he could still be convicted of abuse of power, should that happened. I think, at least.

But Democrats, after winning Congress back and suffering through about a year of an epic scandal might not play along. So, you would have the weird situation of the Democrats refusing to impeach a president who obviously has colluded with a foreign power so THEY can impeach him later. It might be a little bit too much for everyone to handle. Or not. The whole thing would be so weird and epic that we’d all be talking about it for years go come.

And that doesn’t even begin to address the fact that Democrats, once they get Congress in their power may, by January 2019 be so radical and pissed that they will go after Pence, too, especially if they know they can get the presidency if they balk and letting him pick his veep.

It would all be very, very weird. And, sadly, the way things are going, it could all be very real in a few years.

Sorry, But Not Sorry, Rep. Nunes #Resist

by Shelton Bumgarner

Rep. Devin Nunes is such a tool of the Trump Administration, the whole thing is an embarrassment to American democracy. It is completely bonkers that he would go to the White House and tell it super-secret revelations about…the White House.

Then he has the audacity to say, in general terms…and in private!…that has a sorry for what he had done. This is a prime example that the Republican Party is now so partisan that it would rather protect that potentially treasonous behavior of the president than look into the situation honestly. It’s all very surreal. It’s all very bizarre.

It’s because of the behavior of Rep. Nunes and his fellow Republicans that this scandal not only will grind one for years, it may very well do irrevocable arm to the American Republic. It could be years and God only knows how may amazing revelations before the Trump Administration starts to feel any heat. Right now, they are pretty insulated from any political damage connected to Trump’s collusion with the Russians because, well, Republicans are so surreal in their partisanship that they could care less.

This is all really horrible. What Trump is doing to America could, over the course of the next few years, stir up such epic forces that we will look back upon it with awe. We are pretty much engaged in a civil war of sorts, only of a political nature.

The Republican base is so partisan, so devoted to Trump and his bizarre world view, that I have come to believe even treason on his part won’t make him blink an eye. They just don’t care. All they care about is some of the core ideas of lower taxes, outlawing abortion and less regulation.

I really don’t have much faith in any of this. This is a dark time in American history. I just don’t think anything will happen to fix this problem for a long, long, time. We probably will be still talking about this in a year, if not two years.

That is kind of deep, I have to say.

Trump Is A Traitor. Now What #resist #TrumpRussia

by Shelton Bumgarner

I feel as though it’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump campaign knowingly colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 in his favor through the strategic use of leaked e-mails from the Hillary Clinton campaign. The question, of course, is, now what.

Every day, it seems, there is a pretty as though the elites in America are completely clueless as to what I can see with my own senses. Nothing Trump does seems to have any political consquences. To say it is surreal is an understatement. It is pretty obvious that the Trump Administration has, if nothing else, a soft spot for Russia. And yet I feel like I’m the only person to notice this. It is really weird.

It is looking ever more likely that rather than being the end of the Trump Administration as it should be, it, is, in fact just the beginning of a scandal that will grind along for months, if not years. Trump will never resign and given how bizarrely partisan is base is, I would not put it passed him to not survive this scandal, but to actually thrive.

Some tectonic political forces at work and there simply is no quick, short-term fix to why Trump has been so successful despite the fact that any reasonable observer would be willing to entertain the notion that Trump has surrounded himself with traitors and, may, in fact, be one himself.

So all of this is all very surreal. Extremely surreal. The normal laws of politics seem to have been suspended and their return doesn’t seem to likely anytime soon. Trump has a core base that lies somewhere between 20% and 30% of the electorate. I have come to believe that Trump pretty much could strangle someone live on FOX News and his base would not blink an eye.

Should the traditional rules of politics snap back into place and people wake up to the treasonous behavior that Trump has engaged in, then even more surreal things could happen. Since Trump will never, ever resign, we may be in for some truly calamitous political events in the next few years.

Events that will make our jaws drop more than once. Because, if nothing else, Trump has proven there will be no “pivot” on his part. What you see is what you get. We’re screwed.

Idle Ruminations As I Work On The 2nd Draft Of My #Novel #AmWriting

by Shelton Bumgarner

I am hard at work on the second draft of my novel and it’s interesting how difficult it is to get people to understand that the first draft that I have sent out for them to read is just that, a first draft. And as such, it’s not finished and there are more drafts to come.

Some people can not, will not understand that I am writing the whole thing all over again from scratch and the next draft will be a lot longer and a lot better. It kind of boggles my mind. Something that seems so obvious and simple to me is simply not within the realm of understanding for some people.

The first draft of my novel is crap. It stinks. It’s “lazy” and “garbage” that “sucks.” That, at least is what one person who read it told me. Anyway, I am rewriting the whole thing from scratch and I, at least, feel that this second draft is a lot better

I should not have even shown the first draft to anyone, but I couldn’t help myself. The second draft I think I will keep to myself more. I’m writing the second draft more for myself than anyone else. I do, however, really need to read more. As it stands, I don’t really read novels. But I need to change that, big time.

Anyway, I am going to finish this second draft and then do another outline and rewrite the whole thing again. Maybe once I get to the third draft I will have drained enough passion out of all of this that I will finally be able to write some much needed character studies. I am beginning to understand these characters better, but they are still ad hoc enough that sometimes give them traits simply because I need them to have them.

Regardless, I am really enjoying doing all this writing. Hopefully, eventually, I will finally write a draft good enough that people won’t tell me it sucks.

If you are all that interested, here is the first draft — >> Nuk. It sucks and is a waste of time, but I needed to write it to get the story down so I could write the next draft more effectively. Should you read it and have some advice, please email me at migukin (at) gmail.com.

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