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Trumplandia Report, Evening Edition For May 25th, 2017 — Trump Gets Pushy

by Shelton Bumgarner


I still don’t know how this is going to sort out. I know I want to do something on a regular basis about Trump, but it seems as though it would be best done as an email tip sheet. But, given that no one seems all that interested in giving me their email addresses, I will do it as a blog for the time being. Having said that, no one is reading this, either. So, really, this is more for my benefit than anything else. But it is enjoyable to write and it’s fun to use all this information I have about Trump in my mind in a productive manner.

The Montana Body Slam
According to sources on Twitter, the GOP candidate for the open House seat in Montana, Greg Gianforte, allegedly has received some $100,000 in new campaign funds since the recorded incident. If ever there was a sign of the new Trumplandia that we live in, that is it. But, as I have noted before, we shouldn’t get too excited one way or another about this race. Though some on the Left think he Gianforte loses it’s an indication that Trump is losing support, in fact 60% of the votes have already been cast. And Montana is about as Red as you can get, so something dramatic would happen for Gianforte to lose. And even if he does, the GOP can spin it that there were “special circumstances” that caused it.

Trump NATO Blunders
Again, according to reports bubbling up on Twitter, Donald Trump acted like a real asshole at the NATO summon in Brussels. He pushed his way to the front of the line, jostling the leader of Montenegro along the way. He refused to say he supported Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which says if one member is attacked, everyone is attacked. And, in general, NATO leaders appeared to think Trump a total dumbass. Which, of course, he is. He also scolded the members of NATO for not paying their fair share when it came to the treaty obligations.

Travel Ban Struck Down, Again
The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals shot down yet another edition of Donald Trump’s travel ban from several majority Muslim nations. It will be interesting to see what happens next on this front.It will be interesting to see if Trump tries again to do this or not.

We continue to live in Trumplandia. And there does not seem to be any way out any time soon. I hope to try to make this more formalized in the coming days. I will probably do these as events warrant as well as in the morning and may be even in the evening, too. I just don’t know. It would be nice if someone, somewhere would read these. But I guess you have to start somewhere.

Trumplandia Report For May 25th, 2017 — Don’t Body Slam Me, Brah

by Shelton Bumgarner


I know I feel like doing something on a daily basis about this new world we live in, Trumplandia, but I don’t know exactly what I want to do. We seem to live in a regular state of uncertainty, and I am a little obsessed with news about Trump, so it makes sense to maybe use all that obsession productively.

I don’t know exactly how it will shape up, though. It could be an email list, it could be a blog, I just don’t know. But I feel like there is both a market and audience for a narrowcast media outlet devoted to covering the latest outrage on the part of Donald Trump. Or, put another way, I’m interesting in putting the energy into doing from my point of view.

So, maybe nothing will come of this, or maybe something will. I don’t know. Only time will tell. But I might as well try and see what happens. Right now, the key issue is will this be an email tip-sheet or a blog? If you want it be a tip-sheet, send me your email at migukin (at) and I will add you and go that direction with this. If no one does that, I will just write this up as events warrant, but at least once a day in the mornings. If this becomes really popular, I’m going to need donations for bandwidth, if nothing else.

The Trumplandia Report
May 25, 2017

It seems as though each day brings with it totally bonkers news here in this new era, this new land we call Trumplandia. The president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is willfully obstructing justice in an on-going manner and yet it seems no one cares in Congress. Vichy Republicans control both houses of Congress and they are willful in their complicity when it comes to Trump’s ongoing violation of the Constitution.

So much news is coming at us so fast these days that we risk an overload. We risk being burnt out to such an extent that we endup with a “managed democracy” like they have in Russia. I, for one, believe the American spirit is such that this won’t happen, no matter what.

The big news today in Trumplandia is the vicious assault of Ben Jacobs of The Guardian by Republican candidate Greg Gianforte in Montana. The event — of which there is an audio-recording — took place when Jacobs asked a question about the Congressional “score” of TrumpCare. While Rightwing Nutjobs tried to spin this event in their usual surreal manner, the cold hard truth is Jacobs was not doing anything to warrant the bodyslam.

Three of Montana’s major newspapers have taken back their endorsement of Gianforte as a result of this news. However, reports are that close to 60% of the expected vote has already come in through mail-in early voting, so it’s uncertain how likely it is that this tragic event will make any difference in the actual outcome of the vote. It must be noted that Montana is extremely conservative and even though this race has garnered national attention, it was unlikely to go to the Democratic challenger Rob Quist, regardless of what happened.

Quist, as I understand it, isn’t even that good a candidate all things considered and so it was one of those things were all the hype about this race being a referendum for Trumplandia is rather misguided.

In other news, Trump today is in Brussels for a NATO summit. Reports say that NATO officials were expecting the visit like one might “expect an asteroid.” As you may recall, Trump during the 2016 campaign claimed that NATO was “obsolete” and yet within the first 100 days of his administration saw the light and decided it wasn’t.

Elsewhere in Trumplandia, Buzzfeed is reporting that an employee for Trump’s “Winter White House” has been doing logistics work for Trump during his foreign trip. She got a government phone and email and everything, acccording to Buzzfeed.

All of this takes place as there are at least four major investigations going on of the Trump Administration. Three in Congress and one by the Special Counsel. I am not one of those people who feel Trump will be impeached anytime soon. In fact, I think it will be unlikely it will happen until at least 2019, and that assumes both houses of Congress flip in 2018.

The path of history is rarely a straight line and so there are bound to be any number of bizarre twists and turns to this tale of Trumplandia before it’s finally over. Donald Trump has show himself to be, if nothing else, a survivor.

Trump Is A Traitor. Now What #resist #TrumpRussia

by Shelton Bumgarner

I feel as though it’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump campaign knowingly colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 in his favor through the strategic use of leaked e-mails from the Hillary Clinton campaign. The question, of course, is, now what.

Every day, it seems, there is a pretty as though the elites in America are completely clueless as to what I can see with my own senses. Nothing Trump does seems to have any political consquences. To say it is surreal is an understatement. It is pretty obvious that the Trump Administration has, if nothing else, a soft spot for Russia. And yet I feel like I’m the only person to notice this. It is really weird.

It is looking ever more likely that rather than being the end of the Trump Administration as it should be, it, is, in fact just the beginning of a scandal that will grind along for months, if not years. Trump will never resign and given how bizarrely partisan is base is, I would not put it passed him to not survive this scandal, but to actually thrive.

Some tectonic political forces at work and there simply is no quick, short-term fix to why Trump has been so successful despite the fact that any reasonable observer would be willing to entertain the notion that Trump has surrounded himself with traitors and, may, in fact, be one himself.

So all of this is all very surreal. Extremely surreal. The normal laws of politics seem to have been suspended and their return doesn’t seem to likely anytime soon. Trump has a core base that lies somewhere between 20% and 30% of the electorate. I have come to believe that Trump pretty much could strangle someone live on FOX News and his base would not blink an eye.

Should the traditional rules of politics snap back into place and people wake up to the treasonous behavior that Trump has engaged in, then even more surreal things could happen. Since Trump will never, ever resign, we may be in for some truly calamitous political events in the next few years.

Events that will make our jaws drop more than once. Because, if nothing else, Trump has proven there will be no “pivot” on his part. What you see is what you get. We’re screwed.

Idle Ruminations As I Work On The 2nd Draft Of My #Novel #AmWriting

by Shelton Bumgarner

I am hard at work on the second draft of my novel and it’s interesting how difficult it is to get people to understand that the first draft that I have sent out for them to read is just that, a first draft. And as such, it’s not finished and there are more drafts to come.

Some people can not, will not understand that I am writing the whole thing all over again from scratch and the next draft will be a lot longer and a lot better. It kind of boggles my mind. Something that seems so obvious and simple to me is simply not within the realm of understanding for some people.

The first draft of my novel is crap. It stinks. It’s “lazy” and “garbage” that “sucks.” That, at least is what one person who read it told me. Anyway, I am rewriting the whole thing from scratch and I, at least, feel that this second draft is a lot better

I should not have even shown the first draft to anyone, but I couldn’t help myself. The second draft I think I will keep to myself more. I’m writing the second draft more for myself than anyone else. I do, however, really need to read more. As it stands, I don’t really read novels. But I need to change that, big time.

Anyway, I am going to finish this second draft and then do another outline and rewrite the whole thing again. Maybe once I get to the third draft I will have drained enough passion out of all of this that I will finally be able to write some much needed character studies. I am beginning to understand these characters better, but they are still ad hoc enough that sometimes give them traits simply because I need them to have them.

Regardless, I am really enjoying doing all this writing. Hopefully, eventually, I will finally write a draft good enough that people won’t tell me it sucks.

If you are all that interested, here is the first draft — >> Nuk. It sucks and is a waste of time, but I needed to write it to get the story down so I could write the next draft more effectively. Should you read it and have some advice, please email me at migukin (at)

Talk To Me Internet: Dwelling On My #Novel #Writing #AmWriting

by Shelton Bumgarner

Just some dwelling on my novel. I like the fact that I have a big creative project to work on.

Talk To Me Internet — Mulling The State Of My #Novel #Writing #AmWriting

by Shelton Bumgarner

I am hard at work on the second outline of my novel. I continue to need people willing to read the first draft and give me some sense of how to make the second draft much, much better. But we’ll see. It will be interesting to see what happens. I am really enjoying writing this story. For once it’s not about me complaining about how much people hurt me, it’s just about telling a great story.

If you want to read the first, rough draft of my novel, you can find it here —-> Nuk I would prefer if you read it and gave me some input on how to make the next draft better. Everything in the first draft is subject to change. It is not very good,but it’s a first draft. Please email me constructive criticism at migukin (at)

V-Log: Discussing #Novel Structure & Character Studies #Writing #AmWriting

By Shelton Bumgarner

I have the structure of novels on the brain, so I am talking a lot it these days. Anyway, these two videos are reasonably interesting if you’re into such stuff.