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Trumplandia Report, Evening Edition For May 25th, 2017 — Trump Gets Pushy

by Shelton Bumgarner


I still don’t know how this is going to sort out. I know I want to do something on a regular basis about Trump, but it seems as though it would be best done as an email tip sheet. But, given that no one seems all that interested in giving me their email addresses, I will do it as a blog for the time being. Having said that, no one is reading this, either. So, really, this is more for my benefit than anything else. But it is enjoyable to write and it’s fun to use all this information I have about Trump in my mind in a productive manner.

The Montana Body Slam
According to sources on Twitter, the GOP candidate for the open House seat in Montana, Greg Gianforte, allegedly has received some $100,000 in new campaign funds since the recorded incident. If ever there was a sign of the new Trumplandia that we live in, that is it. But, as I have noted before, we shouldn’t get too excited one way or another about this race. Though some on the Left think he Gianforte loses it’s an indication that Trump is losing support, in fact 60% of the votes have already been cast. And Montana is about as Red as you can get, so something dramatic would happen for Gianforte to lose. And even if he does, the GOP can spin it that there were “special circumstances” that caused it.

Trump NATO Blunders
Again, according to reports bubbling up on Twitter, Donald Trump acted like a real asshole at the NATO summon in Brussels. He pushed his way to the front of the line, jostling the leader of Montenegro along the way. He refused to say he supported Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which says if one member is attacked, everyone is attacked. And, in general, NATO leaders appeared to think Trump a total dumbass. Which, of course, he is. He also scolded the members of NATO for not paying their fair share when it came to the treaty obligations.

Travel Ban Struck Down, Again
The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals shot down yet another edition of Donald Trump’s travel ban from several majority Muslim nations. It will be interesting to see what happens next on this front.It will be interesting to see if Trump tries again to do this or not.

We continue to live in Trumplandia. And there does not seem to be any way out any time soon. I hope to try to make this more formalized in the coming days. I will probably do these as events warrant as well as in the morning and may be even in the evening, too. I just don’t know. It would be nice if someone, somewhere would read these. But I guess you have to start somewhere.

John Schindler, Are You Still A Quasi-Trump Supporter After His NATO Statement?

By Shelton Bumgarner

shelton-Profile03I have the utmost respect for John Schindler, the well-respected national security write for the New York Observer, even though we disagree on a lot of things. From what I can tell, he’s pretty much a die-hard (traditional) conservative, while I’m a moderate liberal. But I like to think I’m an LBJ or FDR liberal in the sense that I want to keep America safe from Reds, Fascists or terrorists.

So, I am curious what he has to say about Donald Trump now that he has pretty much stated he wants to pull out of NATO unless they pull their weight. Whatever that means. The whole thing is bonkers. I just don’t think anyone with national security credentials can support Trump in good faith given that he questions the need for NATO.

I don’t know for sure that Schindler supports Trump, but from what little I’ve casually read of his Tweets, I definitely get the indication that, at least to date, he’s at least sympathetic to the Trump cause. That is troublesome, to say the least, given Trump’s recent statements.

As anyone in the Baltic states can attest, Russia is creeping ever closer to batting they around like a cat would a mouse and right now the only thing preventing it from happening is NATO. The idea that someone in Trump’s position would questions the need for NATO boggles my mind.

This is the point when we as a nation need to turn our backs on Trump. We need to grow up, take a deep breath and accept that given a choice between Trump and Clinton, Clinton is by far the better choice for no other reason than she won’t start WWIII.

I must note that I know and love several people in Seoul. And if Trump becomes president, I worry for their fate. I worry that North Korea will invade South Korea and, I really don’t even want to think about what might happen in that situation if Trump was president.

Trump’s NATO Comments Are Madness

By Shelton Bumgarner

shelton-Profile03Oh boy. Donald Trump is growing ever mad in his statements. The idea of questioning the United State’s allegiance to NATO is pretty bonkers. The people of the Baltic states should probably begin to worry, given how close Trump is to the presidency.

At this point, Trump is growing ever more dangerous with his words. To the point that one has to question the connection to reality of anyone who supports him. Say what you will about Hillary Clinton — and there is a lot to say — but I would much rather have “more of the same” than “totally insane.”

While Trump is using phrases and concepts not seen since the early 1940s (America First) and he harkens back to the isolationist worldview of Robert Taft in the 1950s, his rhetoric is now growing so dangerous that you really have to question if we’d actually survive his administration.

And, yet, there continue to be people who blindly support Trump. I don’t quite know what to make of these people. But they exist. And given how motivated they are to vote, Trump could still very well become the president. Let that sink in for a moment.

The idea of that we as a nation would elect a person who questions something as basic as NATO is pretty bonkers. Russia could easily see his comments as invitation to invade the Baltic states. The doesn’t even begin to address what might happen in Korea.

But I am beginning to get the sense that no one listens to me. Nothing Trump says seems to get any traction when it comes to the whole, “This is crazy” thing. That’s why, in general, I have given up trying to dissuade Trump supporters. We’re just going to have to hope and pray that Hillary Clinton doesn’t manage to bungle this election any more than she already has.