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Trumplandia Report For May 25th, 2017 — Don’t Body Slam Me, Brah

by Shelton Bumgarner


I know I feel like doing something on a daily basis about this new world we live in, Trumplandia, but I don’t know exactly what I want to do. We seem to live in a regular state of uncertainty, and I am a little obsessed with news about Trump, so it makes sense to maybe use all that obsession productively.

I don’t know exactly how it will shape up, though. It could be an email list, it could be a blog, I just don’t know. But I feel like there is both a market and audience for a narrowcast media outlet devoted to covering the latest outrage on the part of Donald Trump. Or, put another way, I’m interesting in putting the energy into doing from my point of view.

So, maybe nothing will come of this, or maybe something will. I don’t know. Only time will tell. But I might as well try and see what happens. Right now, the key issue is will this be an email tip-sheet or a blog? If you want it be a tip-sheet, send me your email at migukin (at) gmail.com and I will add you and go that direction with this. If no one does that, I will just write this up as events warrant, but at least once a day in the mornings. If this becomes really popular, I’m going to need donations for bandwidth, if nothing else.

The Trumplandia Report
May 25, 2017

It seems as though each day brings with it totally bonkers news here in this new era, this new land we call Trumplandia. The president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is willfully obstructing justice in an on-going manner and yet it seems no one cares in Congress. Vichy Republicans control both houses of Congress and they are willful in their complicity when it comes to Trump’s ongoing violation of the Constitution.

So much news is coming at us so fast these days that we risk an overload. We risk being burnt out to such an extent that we endup with a “managed democracy” like they have in Russia. I, for one, believe the American spirit is such that this won’t happen, no matter what.

The big news today in Trumplandia is the vicious assault of Ben Jacobs of The Guardian by Republican candidate Greg Gianforte in Montana. The event — of which there is an audio-recording — took place when Jacobs asked a question about the Congressional “score” of TrumpCare. While Rightwing Nutjobs tried to spin this event in their usual surreal manner, the cold hard truth is Jacobs was not doing anything to warrant the bodyslam.

Three of Montana’s major newspapers have taken back their endorsement of Gianforte as a result of this news. However, reports are that close to 60% of the expected vote has already come in through mail-in early voting, so it’s uncertain how likely it is that this tragic event will make any difference in the actual outcome of the vote. It must be noted that Montana is extremely conservative and even though this race has garnered national attention, it was unlikely to go to the Democratic challenger Rob Quist, regardless of what happened.

Quist, as I understand it, isn’t even that good a candidate all things considered and so it was one of those things were all the hype about this race being a referendum for Trumplandia is rather misguided.

In other news, Trump today is in Brussels for a NATO summit. Reports say that NATO officials were expecting the visit like one might “expect an asteroid.” As you may recall, Trump during the 2016 campaign claimed that NATO was “obsolete” and yet within the first 100 days of his administration saw the light and decided it wasn’t.

Elsewhere in Trumplandia, Buzzfeed is reporting that an employee for Trump’s “Winter White House” has been doing logistics work for Trump during his foreign trip. She got a government phone and email and everything, acccording to Buzzfeed.

All of this takes place as there are at least four major investigations going on of the Trump Administration. Three in Congress and one by the Special Counsel. I am not one of those people who feel Trump will be impeached anytime soon. In fact, I think it will be unlikely it will happen until at least 2019, and that assumes both houses of Congress flip in 2018.

The path of history is rarely a straight line and so there are bound to be any number of bizarre twists and turns to this tale of Trumplandia before it’s finally over. Donald Trump has show himself to be, if nothing else, a survivor.

‘Trumplandia’ — Lyrics To A Sia-Like Pop-EDM Anti-Trump Protest Song

I may have done this type of song before with this title, but I feel like listening to Sia and writing song lyrics and this fits the structure of Titanium, so there you go. I make no assurances as to how good these lyrics are because I am writing them very fast and off the top of my head, but whatever. I just need to vent in verse. The music to this would be a little bit more angry than your typical Sia song. And I know EDM songs usually start with a beat first, but this is just for fun.
These lyrics are not perfect. I probably need a co-writer.

lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give credit if you produce or perform

you live in ignorance holding darkness close
don’t want to see the facts that are real
nothing seems to change your mind
hate is in your heart that’s obvious to see

we can’t agree on facts it’s sad to say
you base your views on alternative facts
in your mind you’re chased by potential grizzlies

free yourself from the bonds
free yourself from the despot
leave the borders of

freedom will conquer your nation of hate
we won’t wait until you see the light
we’re going to invade your nation of lies
patriots will come marching there soon

free yourself from the bonds
free yourself from the despot
leave the borders of

Trumplandia won’t last forever
it will come to and end
and America will rise again

now just wait you see
just you watch
soon enough we will put things right
freedom will ring
even in Trumplandia

V-Log: Life In Vichy America #AmeriMaidan

by Shelton Bumgarner

I was told by a Trump supporter today that I have to shut up because my person lost. I find that very interesting. Here is v-log where I talk about that and a few other things.

What Is To Be Done? #OperationBlizzard #MayDay #AmeriMaidan

by Shelton Bumgarner

The issue for me now is, are you Vichy or are you Patriot? Do you accept the “alternative facts” of the quisling Trump Administration or you accept what you know in your heart are the facts. What blows my mind is that people who I know are otherwise proud American have become so partisan that they would rather accept rule by a foreign nation than elect a perfectly capable woman as president.

That kind of blows my mind.

So, right now, the American government is Vichy in my opinion. And if you agree with me, if you see the facts for what they are, you are a Patriot. The key thing is, I think as we’ve lurched into this new age of Trumplandia, that the center-Left has finally overcome the shock and awe of Nov. 9th, 2016. A new universe of resistance has come into existence.

But if we don’t, on a personal level, act, then all of this will be squandered. We’ll wake up a year from now and nothing will have changed, in fact, it will have only gotten worse. We, as Patriots, are like the frog in the slowly boiling pot. If we don’t fight back, if we don’t jump out of the pot, we will be boiled alive and there won’t be any freedom for us to care about.

One of the weird things about fundamentals of Trumplandia, the thing that is so pernicious to fighting it is that somehow Trump has managed to square the circle. When both Nazis and Zionists hate on you for opposing Trump, you know something weird is going on. We, as Patriots, have to figure out a way to address that. Trump wants to divide us, wants to establish Trumplandia. Is weird duke’s mixture of ideology makes it difficult for sane people to figure out how to address it.

If you love America. If you want us to continue to be the greatest free nation on earth. If you believe we are a city on the hill, a beacon of hope for the oppressed of the world, then you, on a personal level have to engage politically. You have to confront the “alternative facts” of the Trump Administration on a personal level.

Whatever talent you may have, you need to use to the fullest extent possible to help the nation fight the Vichy. We are at the crossroads of history. What you do now may very well determine what happens not only to you, but to generations of Americans.

If you do nothing, if you don’t take a stand, we’re all screwed. We’re going to have a managed democracy like Russia where no one believes in anything and we allow an authoritarian, autocratic, fascist regime to run slipshod over some pretty basic freedoms.

What I mean by all of this is we need to, on a personal level, be engaged. We need to act on a political level. Maybe the only way to prevent a managed democracy is for the people to start from scratch. Establish a new, more skeptical press. We have about 335 million people in America, if just a fraction of us act in concert, then maybe we can make a difference.

That’s why we need Operation Blizzard. In my view, Operation Blizzard is two fold. On one hand, we take personal political responsibility for our nation by picking up a book on leadership, or power, or management or organization. If just a few thousand people did that, then maybe that would be the core of new American leadership. I am a strong believer in the power of one. If the rise of Trump and Trumplandia proves anything, it’s that one person can make a difference. If enough of us decide to make a personal difference politically, one of us will become the leader that America needs right now.

I feel as though we have been failed not only by the the system but by our leaders. We now have a hodgepodge of liberal and progressive leaders who have been around for 25 years telling us what to do. What we need is new leadership that transcends the Right / Left divide. We need Patriots. People who care about the nation, not which party they are a member of.

That is how we got into this situation in the first place. People on the Right have grown so partisan that they would rather accept rule by a foreign power than compromise. So, we now have a Vichy government in all but name. Every moment, every day, every week that Patriots waste figuring out how all of this happened is simply wasted time.

We need to act. We need to believe in America. We need to listen to the Founding Fathers. We need to listen to Lincoln and TR and FDR. We need to listen to what now is a faint echo from the past and make it a mighty voice of the present. Only by
going back to the bedrock of America, only by figuring out what it means to be American on a personal level, can we resist the Vichy.

Secondly, my vision of Operation Blizzard is we would organize a May Day protest that would take the Woman’s March On Washington to the next level. In 1971, the May Day march on Washington was the biggest record mass arrest in American history. If the Woman’s March on Washington proved anything, it’s that we can have a peaceful mass protest without any arrests. We need to do it again and again and again. Every major holiday with any political meaning needs to have a massive protest. So after May Day, we strike on July 4th. After July 4th, we strike on the second Tuesday in November. We do this until the corrupt Vichy system takes notice and listens to us.

Most importantly, we need to be pragmatic. We need to address in the most basic terms possible how we, as individuals, can make a difference.

I Refuse To Let My Nation Become A ‘Managed Democracy’ #MayDay #OperationBlizzard

by Shelton Bumgarner

In Russia, they have no faith in any of their institutions, so they do nothing. They individual feels as though nothing they do will make any difference, so they do nothing at all. I don’t know about you, but while that may be Russian, it’s not very American.

It could go either way at this point. Either American allow Donald Trump to turn America into a Russia clone and we never have another free and fair election again, or we fight back. We, as individuals, fight back. The Women’s March On Washington was a good start. It was a good beginning.

But we have to take it the next level. We have to, on a personal level make an American Renaissance. If we collectively don’t believe in any of our institutions, we need to make new ones. Everything has to change, and the only way to do it is for the people to take charge again.

First and foremost, if you care about the American Republic, you need to grab a book on leadership, or power, or organization or management. Take charge of your political life. We need to do this now, while we still have some basic rights that we have taken for granted for about 200 years. If we wait too long, we may not be able to do anything at all because of creeping authoritarianism and fascism.

I call this concept Operation Blizzard. The alt-right is always calling people like me “snowflakes.” Well, as any Nazi in 1941 can tell you — put enough snowflakes together and you got yourself a problem. So, if we collectively all decide at the same time to make a personal difference we can save the American Republic from the Vichy, quisling forces that would
have us bow down to a foreign power.

On a practical level, you can do things in a peaceful manner that can change the world. Start a zine. Why I suggest a zine as opposed to a blog or a website is in this dangerous time we live in, actually doing this in real life have much more weight than they otherwise would. Now, of course, you ask why I don’t I do this — well, I have no money. I want to and will if I can find the resources, but as of now I am using what talents I have to help the cause. I can write, I can speak and I can take pictures. So, I throw that into the pot.

Start a Committee of Correspondence using snail mail. Just the act of writing a real letter in long hand helps. The Vichy may have the power to monitor your email, but right now they aren’t opening letters. Let me stress again — doing things in real life is what is important right now. If you write an actual letter once a day to like minded people, that could be the seeds of something truly inspiring. You are taking time to actually do something that matters.

Also, and I can’t stress this enough, if you can sing and write songs, do that. It seems to me that we Patriots need new songs, not ones written 50 years ago to protest an unpopular war. We need songs about what’s going on right now. We need folk songs, rock songs and punk songs. We need to collectively tune out Sia and Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. We need new music for this new age.

Plant the seeds of new institutions that people will actually believe in. If we don’t act now, if we don’t take stand now, one day we’re going to wake up and be no better than Russia. I believe in my heart that Americas on an individual basis have it within them to do something amazing. Something that Putin could never have imagined. We can, as Patriots, strike back on a political level. New leaders will be born. We will rise to the occasion. We will be inspired by the spirit of 1776, 1865, 1945 and 1968.

I guess I look at the mainstream press like Morning Joe and am aghast that they’re so Vichy, so quisling. They are so gredy for access that they have sold their souls to a monster. We need to collectively turn the off. We need to start our own media organizations. We need to start a national popular front. I have suggested the term AmeriMaidan, but to date absolutely no one has paid me any attention.

We need to understand that there will be risks. We will lose friends. As Trumplandia gains a firmer footing, we may even risk arrest. This soon enough is going to leave cyberspace and come crashing into real life. And with real life comes real dangers.

But the system has failed us. Totally. We need a new system. One beholden to the people, not the elite. Now, ironically enough, much of what I have been saying sounds like Trump. But I am turning his ideology upside down. I am upset because I believe in facts. I guess I believe in the America of Washington, Lincoln, TR and FDR. The kind that kicks British, Dixie Commie and Nazi ass.

When the President of the United States has more praise for Putin, the leader of a managed democracy than for Rep. John Lewis, something is out of whack. That is not the America of Ronald Reagan. That is not a city on the hill. That is some sort of frightening new world that we don’t yet have the political terms to describe.

But you, on a personal level, can change this. You, on a personal level, can renew America. Before Jan. 20th, America was already great. You, on a personal level, have to do what is necessary to bring that back.

Talk To Me Internet — Trumplandia & Operation Blizzard & May Day

by Shelton Bumgarner

These are just some words on where we stand with Donald Trump. The struggle will be long and hard, but I’d like to think in the end we will win and win in a big way.

V-Log: A Brief Speech Defending Liberty In #Trump’s America

by Shelton Bumgarner

I gave a really brief speech about freedom in Trump’s America and I am proud of it, so here it is. I think it offers up a much friendlier vision of America than Trump’s.